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3TG00118ABAF77 Change Log

I've heard Software Version 3TG00118ABAF77 is rolling out.

Is there a change log for this new version?

Can not find any info, although someone did get a Beta of version a while ago.

I haven't updated yet, guessing the next time I reboot the Nokia it will update, but since it has been up for 24 days, I really don't want to update without knowing what has changed.


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Frequent Contributor

Re: 3TG00118ABAF77 Change Log

Don't suppose anyone still has the 3TG00118ABAF77 file name in their logs? 😉

Example:  3TG00118ABAD52 is 5GGW_D010003B37T0101E0052_ota.tar.gz

There is no change log in there BTW, just need to compare the two.

Uptime: 31 days, still don't want to reboot 😛 If it's not broken, don't break it.

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