Optus Loop is a cloud based Unified Communications (UC) suite of products. It has collaboration tools, allows you to Talk, Chat, have video calls and share files over your desktop. You can use Optus Loop with any compatible device from an Optus IP Handset (Yealink) to your desktop, mobile or tablet device. 

Once your company has purchased the Optus Loop product it needs to be setup specifically for your company and you. Only Optus Loop IP Handsets are pre-configured to connect to the Broadsoft platform. 

What's involved in setting up your Company's Optus Loop system?

Once Optus has completed the initial configuration of your Optus Loop system, there will be an Administrator in your company that will complete your new Optus Loop system setup.

  1. The Administrator will log into the Optus Loop Administrator portal and assign every user in the company a phone number.

  2. As an end user, you will receive 3 emails from Optus. The type of license you are assigned will determine what emails you'll receive.

  3. Each of these emails will advise you of your different Usernames, passwords and links to different softphones and portals you will need to access.

See the table below as to what emails you can expect to receive:

UC & Basic User

Premium & Plus User

A UC & Basic user will receive 3 emails:

  • Email with Username and link to the My Phone Portal
  • Email with a temporary Password
  • Email with Voicemail login details and PIN

A Premium & Plus user will receive 3 emails for UC client:

  • Android/iOS Mobile Email
  • Android/iOS Tablet Email
  • PC Client Email


Check out the information below on what you need to do.

Step 1. Log in and change your My Phone password

As a first time user, you'll receive separate emails from Optus with your My Phone username and a temporary password.

When you first log into your My Phone portal, ensure you use the username that you have been given by your Administrator (not the username in the Optus email).

you'll be asked to enter a new password. Remember your password as you'll need it again when you log into the Optus Loop softphone for Desktop and Mobile.

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Step 2. Set up your Optus Loop service via My Phone portal

Once you have successfully logged in to the My Phone portal, you can configure your phone features such as:

  • Call Forward
  • Ring tones
  • Call Waiting
  • Sim Ring
  • Remote Office
  • Voicemail
  • Many more...

For instructions on how to configure your phone settings, refer to the My Phone Quick Reference Guide.

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Step 3. Download the Optus Loop app for Mobile and Desktop

If you have the Optus Loop Premium license, after you have logged into the My Phone portal you will need to download the softphone for your Desktop, Mobile & Tablet:

  • Once logged into My Phone
  • Go to My Features
  • Select Desktop Softphone
  • Follow the prompts on the screen to download the Desktop Softphone, then
  • Select UC-Tablet
  • Follow the prompts on the screen to download the UC-Tablet Softphone

If you need more information on how to download and install the Optus Loop application, refer to the Download & Install Quick Reference Guide.

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Step 4. Log into Optus Loop Mobile or Desktop app

Once you have successfully downloaded and installed the Optus Loop app, you can log in using your My Phone Username.

This is the same Username which was sent to your by Optus. You can use the same password you've set up previously (in Step 1).

To add users or navigate the features, refer to one of the pages below:

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