Optus Loop Support


How do I navigate Optus Loop on my mobile?

Optus Loop Voice Unified Communication (UC) is part of the Optus IP Telephony suite enabling you to access all your communication services, telephony, video, IM and presence from any supported device.

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In what ways can I configure monitoring (Busy Lamp)?

From your Optus Loop telephone handset you can view if another user is on a call or available to take a call. You can also use a monitored line key as a speed dial to call the user you are monitoring.

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How do I change user features?

In Optus Loop it’s easy to change a User’s Profile. Features such as Call Forwarding, User passwords & changing Caller Line ID can be changed or updated by an Administrator via the Optus Loop portal. You can also change these features using the MyPhone portal.

For more detailed information, download our user guide.

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How are groups created to pick-up calls?

With Optus Loop, a Pick Up Group can be created to allow you to answer a colleague's phone without leaving your desk. Once a Call Pick Up group has been created and users assigned to the group, if you hear a phone ringing in your group simply dial the Feature Code *98 to answer the call from your phone.

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