It’s easy to watch National Geographic content streamed through your Chromecast.

First, make sure you have set up your Chromecast device correctly and that your mobile device is compatible with Chromecast. Please note, this is currently only available on compatible Android mobile devices.

Next, ensure the National Geographic App is up-to-date, this can be checked via the Google Play store.

  1. Open the National Geographic App

  2. If connected to the Chromecast WiFi network, a new CAST icon will appear on the top right corner of the app

  3. Tapping the CAST icon on your mobile will select the Chromecast you would like to stream content to (multiple options will appear if the you have more than one Chromecast)

  4. The CAST icon will change colour and the stream will start to play on your TV (content will not play on your mobile device while casting)

  5. To stop casting simply tap the CAST icon on the top right corner

During playback your mobile device can act as a remote, allowing you to change the stream, pause, resume etc

Note: Chromecast will utilise the home WiFi connection for all data consumed, if you are not using an Optus Home Broadband service then streaming National Geographic will be metered as it is not being streamed from the mobile device.