The amount of data used by the National Geographic app will vary depending on your device, your network connection and the type of content you are viewing. Video streaming has been optimised for Mobile devices and will be streamed up to 2.5Mbps on Mobile networks and up to 9Mbps via WiFi on a Home Broadband network.

Streaming via the Optus Mobile network

Streaming content via the National Geographic will not use your data when on the Optus Mobile network (excluding other content such as ads, authentication, app analytics, Optus competition page or links to third party sites).

Note. The Look section within the app may contain images from selected Instagram users. Tapping on these images will prompt you to exit the National Geographic app to view the image via Instagram. Once you exit the National Geographic app, usage will count towards your data allowance.

Streaming via WiFi or other Mobile networks

Using the National Geographic app while on a WiFi network or another provider's Mobile network will use your data allowance. You will need to check with your provider about data usage and costs.