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Can I get the National Geographic App?

Anyone can get a 30-day free trial of the National Geographic App, as long as you are aged 18+ (or 15-17 with parental permission) and have a compatible mobile device.

Full access to the National Geographic App is included at no additional cost with selected Optus Postpaid Mobile, Mobile Broadband and Fetch with Optus plans.

Download the National Geographic App now to log in or sign up for the 30-day free trial, or read on for details on eligible Optus plans.

Services that include the app

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Which devices can I use the app on?

The National Geographic App is compatible with mobile phones and tables that use iOS 9.0 and above or Android 4.1 and above.

Note. The National Geographic App is not compatible with Windows or Blackberry operating systems.

Download the National Geographic App for your phone or tablet here.

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How do I log in to the National Geographic App?

The way you log in to the National Geographic App will depend on your eligibility. Not sure which way to log in? Just enter your mobile phone number into the app and it will tell you what to do next.

Eligible Optus Mobile Phone customers

You can log in with your eligible Optus mobile phone number. Not sure if you're eligible? We'll let you know after you enter your number, or learn more here.

  1. Open the National Geographic App on your device

  2. Tap Get Started

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Will the National Geographic App use my data?

The amount of data used by the National Geographic app will vary depending on your device, your network connection and the type of content you are viewing. Video streaming has been optimised for Mobile devices and will be streamed up to 2.5Mbps on Mobile networks and up to 9Mbps via WiFi on a Home Broadband network.

Streaming via the Optus Mobile network

Streaming content via the National Geographic will not use your data when on the Optus Mobile network (excluding other content such as ads, a

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Can I watch the app via Chromecast / Apple Airplay?

Yes, you can use Chromecast or Apple Airplay to view the National Geographic App on your TV. You will need to be eligible to use the National Geographic App and use a compatible mobile device. Note. Chromecast is not available if you are streaming the National Geographic App from an iPhone or iPad.

For steps on how to connect click the following:

ChromecastApple Airplay

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