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Common Questions

How do I Order a New Device?

Looking for information on our latest devices? No worries, head over here.

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Activate or replace my business SIM card

If your Optus number is active and you need the SIM replaced, or you’d like to activate a new SIM, all the information you need is here.

If you purchase online, or over the phone, your SIM should auto-activate within 4 hours of delivery. Periodically turn your device off and on until your SIM has activated. You will see Optus next to the coverage bars once the SIM is active.

Otherwise, follow the prompts to activate or replace your SIM here.

While you wait for your new SIM to be activated:

  • I
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How do I download the My Optus app for my business service?

Looking to manage your account on the go? Simply download the My Optus App on your mobile device to track usage, pay bills and so much more!

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Microsoft by Optus: Getting Started

Microsoft by Optus will provide you with the latest cloud based business applications and collaboration services.

You will be able to access familiar desktop applications on demand whenever the devices are connected to the internet including business-grade email, shared calendar and online meetings.

To find out how to purchase Microsoft by Optus or for information on the plans and pricing, click here.

For steps on how to set up Microsoft by Optus, select a relevant option below. If you're loo

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