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How Do I Divert My Business Mobile Phone?
How Do I Divert My Fixed Office Phone?
How do I update my business account details?

Need to make a small change like a spelling correction, alter the salutation, update the address or correct your date of birth?

We can change these details over the phone at no cost, but may need to ask you for some additional info to verify the change.

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I Need Help Understanding The Data Usage for my Business Service
I Need Help With Business Email Settings
I need to change ownership of my business services

Need to change ownership of your business services? We can process this change for you at no cost. Note, we may need to ask you for some additional information to verify the change.

The easiest way to request a change of name / ownership is via the online form.

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I want to change my business mobile phone plan

Looking to change your Postpaid (Billed) Mobile Phone plan but not sure what plan you'll need?

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My Business Is Relocating, What Do I Need To Do?
What options are available when travelling overseas?

Taking your mobile overseas? You can minimise roaming costs by adding an Optus Travel™ Pack if your plan does not already give you international roaming benefits.

Don’t forget to have international roaming turned on to use your service whilst overseas.

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When does my business service's contract end?

You can check the end date of your Small Business Postpaid Mobile contract in My Account. This option is available 24/7 and free to use from your Optus service within Australia.

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Optus Travel™ Pack & Data Pack

You can purchase an Optus Travel™ Pack for added benefits when using your service in Zone 1 countries. You can purchase multiple days and accumulate the total data allowance.

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How to use voicemail while overseas

You can still use and access your voicemail while overseas, however extra charges may apply and you will need to access your voicemail differently.

For information on how to set up diversions to voicemail see this page.

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How to access voicemail while overseas

Accessing your voicemail whilst overseas is different to when you’re in Australia. There are two options for checking your voicemail while overseas:

  1. Call: Dial +61 411 000 321 and follow th
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What support is available for Microsoft by Optus?

If you need IT support for Microsoft by Optus please contact your IT support partner or refer to Microsoft Office Online Support.

Please note: Optus only provides general billing support enquires as part of the Microsoft by Optus service and does not provide technical assistance. You can check out the self-help technical support available here. Alternatively, for information about other technical support options that we may offer, speak to our Sales team.

Support FAQs

Q. Can I change my pa

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