You can still use and access your voicemail while overseas, however extra charges may apply and you will need to access your voicemail differently.

For information on how to set up diversions to voicemail see this page.

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How to access voicemail while overseas

Accessing your voicemail whilst overseas is different to when you’re in Australia. There are two options for checking your voicemail while overseas:

  1. Call: Dial +61 411 000 321 and follow the prompts
    Please note, you will be asked for your voicemail PIN (don’t know your PIN, chat to us for help)
  2. SMS: Send an SMS with the letter ‘A’ to 321
    The voicemail system will call you back within 30 seconds and play your voicemail messages

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Is there a charge for using voicemail while overseas?

When using voicemail overseas there may be additional charges involved.

When is voicemail charged?

Standard roaming rates for phone calls apply in the following scenarios:

  • When someone calls and leaves a voicemail message (deposit)
  • When you call to listen to your voicemail messages (retrieval)
  • If you use the SMS option to have the voicemail system call you
Can voicemail charges be avoided?

There are two options to avoid voicemail charges while travelling overseas.

  1. Turn voicemail off while overseas:
    Please note, this means any calls you’re unable to answer will not be diverted to your voicemail, and a voicemail message cannot be left.
  2. Set unconditional diversions to voicemail:
    Unconditional diversions mean you will not receive any phone calls as they will automatically be diverted to your voicemail. You will not be able to receive phone calls while unconditional diversions are in place.
    Please note, you can still make calls and any voicemail retrievals made while roaming will be charged standard roaming rates for phone calls.

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