Understanding my business account's first bill since recontracting

Received your first bill after recontracting or changing plans? A little confused as to why it still shows parts of your old plan, parts of your new plan and perhaps higher than expected recurring charges?

If you've changed plans or recontracted part way through your last billing month then the first bill you'll receive after the change will include usage and charges leftover from your old plan as well as usage and charges from the date that your new plan took over.

If you have an eligible service you can view and print your bills in My Account or Member Services. The total GST paid is shown as a separate item on the first page of each bill.

  • My Account: All services with a 14 digit account number starting with an 8 or a 9 and Cable Broadband accounts with a 10 or 14 digit account number
  • Member Services: Optus TV featuring Foxtel and Cable Business Phone

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    Payments & Adjustments

    In the first section of this page, you'll see we've placed a credit for the unused period of your old plan that was charged in advance on your last bill. This is so you don't end up paying for two plans at the same time. To help you out at tax time we also show you the GST amount that we've credited for this amount as a separate item.

    Service Summary

    At the top of this page, within the yellow section, there's a handy reminder of your new plan's monthly cost and inclusions.

    Your Usage and Charges Summary

    Under this heading you'll see two graphs showing your new plan's cost for the full month ahead of this bill. Much like your old plan, your new plan is charged one month in advance. The first graph represents your plan's voice monthly charge and the other is your data monthly charge. If you've needed extra voice or data usage in your last billing month, the graphs will show this; with each additional block representing additional usage.

    To the right of the graphs we add everything up for a combined cost of your voice and data charges. If you haven't used any additional included usage, you'll find that the sub-total for this section equals your plan's regular monthly cost (excl. GST).

    Recurring Charges

    In this section you'll see a part month (pro-rata) charge for your monthly costs for the days between the start date of your new plan and the end date of this bill. Combined, these charges make up the total cost since you started on your new plan (excl. GST).

    If you're purchasing a new device you'll also see your regular monthly handset repayment amount here with a handy countdown showing the number of repayments you have left. It may also include any other monthly extras that you've agreed to, like Insurance.

    Excluded From Current Plan

    Below this, you'll see two credits labeled 'Less included discount' and 'Less included data' to cover the cost of the last of your included usage from your old plan. The total value of these credits will be a proportion (pro-rata) of your old plan's regular monthly allowances for data, call and messaging use.

    If the sub-total here shows $0.00, then you haven't been charged for any of the usage shown in this section. If there is a difference leftover, then it's possible that you’ve either exceeded the allowance of your old plan or you've incurred usage not covered by either plan.

    From your next bill, this section will only show charges for usage that are excluded from your new plan, if any (e.g. Premium SMS/calls, international usage or data roaming charges, etc.).

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