Need some help in understanding the charges on your bill?  Please see below for an explanation of your bill, plus how to contact us directly if you still need assistance.

If you have an eligible service you can view and print your bills in My Account or Member Services. The total GST paid is shown as a separate item on the first page of each bill.

  • My Account: All services with a 14 digit account number starting with an 8 or a 9 and Cable Broadband accounts with a 10 or 14 digit account number
  • Member Services: Optus TV featuring Foxtel and Cable Business Phone

Not able to view and print your invoices using My Account or Member Services? Please select the relevant option below:

Small Business
(1-5 services)

Please Live Chat us and we'll be more than happy to help!

Medium Business
(6+ services)

If you contact us on 13 33 43 we'll be more than happy to help!.

Our hours of operations are (AEST):

  • Monday - Friday: 8:30am - 7:00pm
  • Saturday: Closed
  • Sunday: Closed
Your Bill Explained
The First Page Overview

The first page provides an overview of your charges, a sub-total for each service and the total GST payable. It also has your bill's due date, invoice period, BPAY details and further payment information. If this is your first account, this will be highlighted under invoice period. Subsequent accounts will also show a comparison with your previous bill.

Payments & Adjustments

This shows the total of any payments and adjustments made since the last bill was issued.

Account Summary

Here you'll find the service/s (including phone numbers and/or usernames) and their associated plans that are billing on this account and how their sub-totals contribute to the total amount owing on this bill.

Service Summary

This detailed section breaks down the total for each service that you have shown on the first page including your monthly service charges, feature charges, and a summary total for any usage during the bill's invoice period. All charges listed on this page exclude GST

Recurring Charges

These are itemised on your bill and include your monthly plan, as well as equipment charges and feature pricing such as Insurance. 

Usage Charges In Detail

In this section you'll see all of your usage details listed in detail, this may show calls made, the amount of SMS and MMS sent, and the amount of data used.

The time of a call shown on your bill, is the local time recorded at the first local exchange or other network facility through which your call passes, in most cases this means the time will be your local time.

However, in some circumstances this may not be the local time at the place where the call is located.

For example: If you live close to or on a state border and a time difference exists between these two states. A call made from your home state may first route via a network facility in the neighbouring state resulting in the time of call reflecting the time in the neighbouring state, rather than that of your home state.

Excluded From Current Plan

This section will show charges for usage that’s excluded from your new plan, if any (eg. Premium SMS/calls, International usage or data roaming charges etc.).

Other Charges and Credits

If shown, this may relate to charges for service connection fees, modem delivery fees or other equipment charges (excluding GST).

For example, you may get charged for the start-up fee - this cost will appear under this section.

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