Need help understanding and managing your data usage? We have the tips and tools to make it simple.

Small Business
(1-5 services)

Mobile Phone

You can track your data usage by using the My Optus app.

When in My Optus app be sure to check out the Data Breakdown button which shows where your data is being consumed for the SIM card in your device.

Fixed & Mobile Broadband

You can track your data usage, setup & configure Broadband usage alerts all by logging into My Account.

Medium Business
(6+ services)

If you’ve been going over your data allowance pretty regularly it might be time to consider your usage and whether another plan might suits your needs better.

Call your account manager directly or make an appointment request and we'll get back to you as soon as we can!

Understanding Data Usage in Detail

Data helps keep our busy lives and our businesses connected, whether we're accessing social media, downloading apps or simply browsing the net on the go. We mustn’t forget all those devices we have around the business office too, from computers to gaming systems.

Can your device(s) be using data without you knowing it? Yes they can! Apps can be busy running updates, checking for new emails or backing up content to the cloud like your photos - without you doing anything. These settings can make life easier, but the data can start adding up pretty quickly.

Here are some great tips to help manage your business’ data:

To help limit your mobile data usage, switch off the following:

  • WiFi Assist, this will stop the use of your mobile data when the WiFi signal is weak
  • Push email. Push email is when your device checks and downloads new emails automatically
  • Applications with automatic notifications (e.g. Facebook alerts)
  • Location services within apps that don’t need your location to work

For help with data usage in general: 

  • Stop videos from playing automatically within apps or websites or switch from high definition to standard definition
  • Limit or set apps, media, photos, podcasts, etc. to download, sync or back up via fixed WiFi only
  • Delete apps you don't use so there are no unnecessary updates, not only on your mobile but gaming consoles and Smart TV's too
  • If using cloud services (for backup or sharing) keep in mind the size of the files being sent
  • Regularly check for viruses; these can eat into your data allowance
  • Keep your operating system and web browser up-to-date and secure your device with a password (especially your mobile)
  • Make sure your WiFi network & computer are secured with a password
  • Ensure you activate a firewall to prevent unauthorised connections to your computer
  • If you're going away for an extended period, switch your modem/ router and computer off

For more information, consult your device's manual, or manufacturer’s website.

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