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It's easy to access all the action on Optus Sport.
Find out information on what to expect from your subscription, as well as how to watch live and on-demand sport in just a few clicks.

Common Questions

Optus Sport: Ways to Watch

There are a number of ways that you can watch the Premier League via Optus Sport. 

Select from the options below.

How to watch on a computer

You can watch Optus Sport content on your computer through our online player, just click on the Watch Now button. You'll need to ensure that your computer's internet browsers are supported and you have an Optus Sport subscription.

    How to watch on a mobile or tablet

    Optus Sport content can be viewed on a mobile or tablet using the Optus Sport

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    Optus Sport: On-Demand

    You will need a Premium Optus Sport subscription to view all available on-demand matches.

    On-demand Premier League matches will remain on the Optus Sport platform right up until the start of the next round of fixtures.

    We are permitted to show up to 29 Premier League matches per club per season on-demand. The selected matches will be available to watch until the next round of matches begin. We'll let you know which matches will be available to watch on-demand on the Optus Sport platform. 


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    Optus Sport: Watching on the Go

    You can watch the Premier League on the go if you have an Optus Sport Premium subscription. This subscription will give you access to all the Optus Sport content on your mobile, tablet, laptop and PC (although PCs are quite difficult to take on the go).

    For a list of compatible devices you can watch Optus Sport content on, click here.

    Access to Optus Sport content will vary depending on your subscription package.

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    Optus Sport: Optimising your setup

    There are a number of factors that can affect the speed and quality of viewing you’re able to achieve, so we’ve listed some of the main ones below and offered some tips on how you can improve your connection.

    Tips for viewing content via Fetch

    We've put together some tips and tricks for viewing content via Fetch.

        Direct connection
        • If you’re watching Optus Sport at home you might be using Fetch, Fetch Mini, Apple TV or running a HDMI cable from your computer. Whatever device yo
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