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Common Questions

Optus Sport: I am unable to login

You need to sign up for Optus Sport to watch Optus Sport content

Note. There may be a delay of 30 minutes before your account is activated and you can login to Optus Sport and watch content

  1. If you've forgotten your password, you can reset it here. To retrieve your username, you will need to get in touch with us. Alternatively, create a free account with a temporary username and password to log a support case.

  2. If you're having trouble logging in to Optus Sport via a specific device, see th

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How to log a support case in the Optus Sport app

Optus Sport subscribers can log a support case through the Optus Sport app.

You will need to:

  1. Visit the Help and Support section via the in-app menu

  2. Click on ‘Log a case’

  3. Enter a title for your issue

  4. Select a relevant category for you issue from the drop down list

  5. Briefly describe the issue you are having. Any detail you provide here will help us resolve your issue as quickly as possible

  6. You can upload an image or screenshot if it’s relevant to the issue and will help identify

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Video Quality

This page provides instructions on how to adjust the video quality settings on your device when playing content through the Optus Sport online player.

Bandwidth indicator

When playing a video, a bandwidth indicator is presented in the top left hand corner of the screen.

The indicator changes colour between Red, Amber and Green based on the bandwidth you are receiving. The icon switches between the colours when the current bandwidth changes as per the following ranges:

Red – less than 1.1Mb

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Supported Devices & Browsers for Optus Sport
Optus Sport: Troubleshooting by device

Before you select a category below for troubleshooting information, make sure you have signed up for an Optus Sport account first and have logged in with your registered username and password. You'll need to do this before you can start watching a match.

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Optus Sport: Error Code Page

If you are experiencing an error message while trying to watch Optus Sport, please see below for further information:

Optus Sport app

If you're still unable to resolve your Optus Sport viewing issues, you can log a case via the Help and Support section of the Optus Sport App.

    Web Browser

    If you're still unable to resolve your Optus Sport and Premier League viewing issues, you can log a fault by clicking here.

    Note: If using a smartphone or tablet, you can also log a case via

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    Optus Sport: Playback Error

    First, check to make sure your Mobile data is on and you can access the internet. Next, restart the Optus Sport mobile application (close and re-open).

    If that doesn’t resolve your issue, restart your mobile / tablet and re open the mobile application.

    Check that your device software is up to date. You can check to make sure your handset is compatible here.

    Check internet connection speed here. You will need at least 0.5mbps for a reasonable viewing experience. If your 3G/4G speeds are lower

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    Optus Sport: I am experiencing buffering (video keeps stopping to load)

    If you're experiencing buffering issues when steaming the Premier League on the Optus Sport iOS / Android app or website, please have a look at the bandwidth indicator in the top left corner of the video player.

    The bandwidth indicator changes colour from Red, Amber to Green, depending on the bandwidth you're receiving.

    If your bandwidth indicator is showing amber or red, you can adjust the quality of the video streaming quality by clicking the cog symbol in the top right-hand corner of the sc

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    Optus Sport: Browser Troubleshooting Guide: MICROSOFT

    Are you experiencing a plug-in error with your online player? If so, please see below for help on how to resolve this issue:

    Windows Troubleshooting

    Try an alternate browser

    Please update to the latest version of Google Chrome to ensure your computer is optimised for our web player

      Troubleshoot your browser
      1. Clear your browser's cache and cookies (Ctrl + Shift + Delete)

      2. Close and then restart your browser

        Enabling Silverlight DRM
        Silverlight's Digital Rights Management
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        Optus Sport: Browser Troubleshooting Guide: CHROME

        Are you experiencing a plug-in error with your online player? If so, please see below for help on how to resolve this issue:

        Windows Steps

        Is The WidevineCdm Component Up-To-Date?

        Note: Anti-virus and/ or firewall software can prevent the Widevine Cdm from updating successfully. We suggest disabling your anti-virus and/ or firewall temporarily before checking for an update. Once the component has been updated, re-enable your security software.

        1. In the address bar on the Chrome browser, t

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        I cannot get HD when watching Optus Sport on my Phone

        The Premier League is not available in high definition on our mobile network.

        You can try watching on one of our other devices such as Fetch, or a web browser on your computer. This will depend on your device, internet connection and other factors.

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