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Optus Sport: Username and Password

Forgotten your login details? Just follow the steps below to get back in the action.


  1. If you've forgotten your username, you can get in touch with us here. Alternatively, create a free account with a temporary username and password to log a support case.


  1. You can reset your password here

  2. Type in either the username or email address associated with your Optus Sport account into the Enter address or username box and we'll send an email to the account on record with your username and lin

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Optus Sport: Do Adverts Use Data?


When streaming content from Optus Sport, you may encounter ads on the Optus Sport Live 24/7 channels, your mobile device, tablet and the Optus Sport webpage. These may incur data charges.

Analytics & Authentication

We monitor our performance via analytics and authentication so that we can improve our service for you. This may use small amounts of data and incur data charges.


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Optus Sport: Billing Enquiries

Note. For information on Optus Sport refunds, head over to this page

Billing enquires for Optus Sport Premium subscriptions purchased through the Optus Sport App, available via the Google Play or Apple App store should be made to the relevant app store.

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Optus Sport: How to Unsubscribe

Should you wish to cancel your Premium Optus Sport subscription, you will only be charged until the end of your monthly billing cycle (if it's not already included in your plan).

To cancel your Premium subscription signed up through the Optus Sport app, this can be done through the Apple App store or Google Play store. Click on the below store for a list of step by step instructions:

Google Play store
  • Google Play store

    1. On an

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