Optus Sport: How we'll charge you

The following Optus Sport subscription packages are available:

  • Non-Premium Subscription: Provides limited access to Optus Sport content at no monthly cost, available to both non-Optus and Optus customers
  • Premium Subscription:  Provides full Optus Sport access to:
    • Optus customers who have Optus Sport at no extra cost with eligible plans
    • Optus customers who were previously not eligible for Optus Sport and;
    • Non-Optus customers

It's either available with an eligible service or plan or as an added subscription for $15/month purchased through the Optus Sport App, which is available via the Google Play store and Apple App store.

Should you cancel your Optus Sport Premium subscription, you will only be charged until the end of your monthly billing cycle (if it's not already included in your plan). For more info, head here.

For a full list of terms and conditions, refer to our website.

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