Video Quality

This page provides instructions on how to adjust the video quality settings on your device when playing content through the Optus Sport online player.

Bandwidth indicator

When playing a video, a bandwidth indicator is presented in the top left hand corner of the screen.


The indicator changes colour between Red, Amber and Green based on the bandwidth you are receiving. The icon switches between the colours when the current bandwidth changes as per the following ranges:

Red – less than 1.1Mbps

Amber – between ~1.09Mbps and 2.59Mbps

Green – greater than 2.59Mbps


Video Quality Selector

The Optus Sport app and website has been built to support adaptive bitrates. This means that the video quality received by the device adapts automatically to match the bandwidth that the device is receiving, resulting in very little buffering, faster start times and an overall better experience for all types of connections. You can however manually select a setting by clicking on the Settings Cog in the top right hand corner of the player:


For Mobile

Low - 0.11Mbps
Med - 0.5Mbps & 0.8Mbps
High - 1.1Mbps & 2Mbps

For Fixed

Low - 0.11Mbps & 0.5Mbps & 0.8Mbps
Med - 1.1Mbps & 2Mbps
High - 3.6Mbps & 5Mbps

Note: for best results it is recommended to leave this set on Auto.


On / Off Net Indicator

When in a paused state the player presents either OFF Optus Network or ON Optus Network depending on which network your device is connected to.


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