First, check to make sure your Mobile data is on and you can access the internet. Next, restart the Optus Sport mobile application (close and re-open).

If that doesn’t resolve your issue, restart your mobile / tablet and re open the mobile application.

Check that your device software is up to date. You can check to make sure your handset is compatible here.

Check internet connection speed here. You will need at least 0.5mbps for a reasonable viewing experience. If your 3G/4G speeds are lower than this, it is recommended you connect via a WiFi internet connection.

If you experience problems on a mobile or tablet, you can check whether your mobile / tablet is running multiple applications simultaneously. Multiple applications can overload your processor and cause live streaming issues. It is recommended you close all other programs.

Optus Sport Premium subscribers can check a list of Error codes here. If using a smartphone or tablet, you can also log a case via the Help and Support section of the Optus Sport App.

You will need to:  

  1. Select 'Log a Case' from the in-app menu in the Help and Support section

  2. Enter details of the issue, selecting the category that best suits your issue from a drop-down menu and providing a short description of the problem. You can also upload an image or screen shot of the issue.

  3. Press ‘Submit’ to log the case

  4. You will then be sent a push notification and email with a case number to confirm the case has been logged