There are a number of factors that can affect the speed and quality of viewing you’re able to achieve, so we’ve listed some of the main ones below and offered some tips on how you can improve your connection.

Tips for viewing content via Fetch

We've put together some tips and tricks for viewing content via Fetch.

Connect Direct to Modem
  • Recommended for best results
  • Connect your set top box to the modem with an Ethernet cable
  • Use port '1' or '2' on your modem

Connect Direct to Modem

Use a Powerline Adapter
  • Next best option is using a Powerline Adapter kit
  • Speeds can be affected by poor electrical wiring in the home
  • Ensure the Powerline Adapter is plugged into a power socket and NOT a power board
  • To learn more about Powerline Adapters click here
Use a Powerline adapter
Using WiFi
  • Ideally your set top box and WiFi modem should be close together - the further away the slower the speeds
  • WiFi available for use with Fetch Gen 3 set top boxes
  • A WiFi Extender can be used if the set top box is too far away
Reduce Distance

General Tips for viewing Optus Sport

Reduce the Number of devices using the Internet
  • The number of people / devices using the internet at the same time at home will slow down the speeds
  • Check to make sure no-one else is using your internet at the same time you're watching the Premier League
Reduce the number of devices using the internet

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Direct connection
  • If you’re watching Optus Sport at home you might be using Fetch, Fetch Mini, Apple TV or running a HDMI cable from your computer. Whatever device you’re using, you’ll have the best experience on that device if you use an Ethernet cable between the modem/router and your device
  • If your home is cabled, and your device is on a different floor or in a different room, use an Ethernet cable between your device and the cable outlet
  • Aged equipment can affect speeds particularly when impacted with a virus or malware
  • Make sure your computer is free of viruses and malware
  • Make sure you have the most recent software update installed

WiFi connections are not direct connections to your broadband service, and may be impacted by line of sight, distance from your router, as well as walls / floors between your router and the device accessing your internet. For connectivity and troubleshooting tips for WiFi, head here.

  • If there are lots of people using the net in your neighbourhood, your internet at home can be impacted, much like congestion on a busy road. Typically these periods happen when the kids get home from school, you get home from work, and/or after dinner
  • Congestion can occur by users in the home too! If multiple devices are used to stream content on the net at the same time, then you might be impacted

If you're experiencing buffering issues when streaming Optus Sport content via the iOS / Android app or website, have a look at the bandwidth indicator in the top left corner of the video player. The indicator will show red, amber, or green, depending on the bandwidth you're receiving.

If your bandwidth indicator is showing amber or red, you can adjust the video streaming quality by clicking the cog symbol in the top right-hand corner of the screen and choosing a lower streaming rate to match your bandwidth indicator.