The Optus Satellite service delivers all live Premier League content to a set top box (different from the Fetch box) that connects to your TV. This service allows fans to watch the 24/7 Optus Sport channel and all the live games in high definition. To get the Satellite service, you will need to install a Satellite antenna (dish) in your home, typically on your roof.  The installer will then run cabling into the house and install a new dedicated Optus Satellite box.  

Why use Optus Satellite for Premier League?

  • If you've limited or no ability to get Fixed Broadband at your home, you may not be able to get the best Premier League experience on your TV
  • If you want to have the best possible Premier League experience - and don’t mind paying a little more 

Does the Optus Satellite service use or need a Broadband connection?

No, Optus Satellite is not streamed over the internet so you don’t need a Broadband connection to have the Satellite service.

Please note: the Optus Satellite option is only available if you are on an eligible plan AND have the Optus Sport subscription. Optus Satellite will not be available to all homes. 

How do I get a Satellite service?

To sign up for a Satellite service, just give us a call on 1800 230 158 and our team will assist.  

You will need an eligible Optus service (please check service availability and coverage at your address), with an active Optus Sport subscription to watch the Premier league via Optus Satellite.

  • An additional $20 monthly subscription fee applies for a Satellite connection and a $250 installation charge applies
  • You may also need to pay $15/mth for your Premier League subscription on selected Optus plans
  • Min cost over 12 months being $1,030 (incl. $30 Mobile plan and Premier League subscription) 

Note. Your Satellite service will not automatically be cancelled if you cancel your Optus Sport subscription. The Satellite service is separate from your Optus Sport subscription and needs to be cancelled separately.

Once you have your SIM card, you can use this in a smartphone to view the Premier League on the go where you have Optus mobile reception coverage. The data used while viewing the Premier League with your Optus SIM is zero rated, meaning that it does not count towards the data on your mobile phone plan. Advertisements, authentication and analytics use data and may incur data charges. You'll just need a compatible smartphone or tablet.

I already have Pay TV. Can I also get Optus Satellite?

If you have an existing pay TV service (Satellite or Cable) you can keep your existing pay TV service and install an Optus Satellite dish and set top box.  You will need an eligible Optus service (please check service availability and coverage at your address) with an active Optus Sport subscription to watch the Premier league via Optus Sport satellite.  Additional fees apply.

How is the Satellite service installed?

After you place your order, our installation team will call you within 2 to 5 business days to ask you a few basic questions about your property. You'll then be assessed for installation and, if successful, be offered an appointment time. If you'd like to reschedule / cancel or if you've forgotten your appointment time, just call us on 133 937. If you need more time to obtain Strata permission etc. then just call us on 1800 230 158.

What equipment will I receive?

On the day of your appointment, an installer will come to site to install your dish and set top box, connect them to your TV and show you how they work. You will need a TV that has a HDMI input as our Satellite box is unable to connect via analogue plugs.

You'll also receive a 32GB USB key with the box to record matches, this USB key will only work in your satellite box. If this isn't enough capacity, you can use your own external hard drive or USB storage device, connect it to the box and follow the on-screen prompts. The maximum size USB hard drive compatible with the box is 1TB (hard drives larger than 1TB can be used, but only 1TB will be accessible). Note that Western Digital drives are NOT compatible. Make sure you copy any important information off your storage device before you do this, as during set up any information stored will be wiped.

Satellite content requires approximately 2GB per hour, so a 32GB drive will record approximately 16 hours of content, or around 8 matches.  A 500GB drive will record around 250 hours of content. Your USB key and any other storage device you record to is encrypted, and will only work on your Satellite box.

I'm experiencing a fault with my Satellite service

Experiencing issues connecting to the Satellite service? If so, we have information on our technical support page that can help.  

Note. Your Satellite set top box needs the remote control to work, if you have misplaced the remote, please call us on 1800 230 158. We'll send you a new remote for a fee of $30.

How do I cancel my Satellite service?

If you're having issues connecting to the service, please see our technical support page for troubleshooting steps that may help resolve your issue.  

If you still wish to cancel, just call us on 1800 230 158 and we’ll assist you.