Optus Sport: Ways to Watch

There are a number of ways that you can watch the Premier League via Optus Sport. 

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You can watch Optus Sport content on your computer through our online player, just click on the Watch Now button. You'll need to ensure that your computer's internet browsers are supported and you have an Optus Sport subscription.

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Optus Sport content can be viewed on a mobile or tablet using the Optus Sport App.

You'll need to download the Optus Sport App onto your mobile or tablet and log in with an Optus Sport Premium subscription to watch Optus Sport content. You can sync up to 4 devices with an Optus Sport subscription.

Click here for a list of supported mobiles and tablets.

The Optus Sport App is available on iOS, Android and Apple TV: 


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There are number of ways that you can watch the Premier League via Optus Sport on your TV.

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