What is a Private Message (PM) and how do I send one?

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Private messages (PM) are a great way to communicate with other community members, as well as with Optus staff members. While messages you post on the forum are publicly available, private messages are exactly that – private. You select the recipient, and only that user is able to read your message once they’ve logged into the site.


To send and receive a Private Message, you need to be registered for a My Optus Community account.



How do I send a PM?

There are two ways to send another community member a message:


If you're sending a private message to a person who's requested it in the forum, simply:

  1. Click the community member's username (like below).
  2. Click 'Send private message'.
  3. Write your message and give it a subject, then click 'Send message'. That's it!


If you know the username of the person that you want to send a message to, simply:

  1. Click ‘Messages’ under your username in the profile box.
  2. Click ‘Compose New Message’.
  3. Type the username of the My Optus Community member you're sending your message to into the 'Send to' field.
  4. Write your message and give it a subject, then click 'Send message'. That's it!


How will I know if I've received a PM?

You'll be notified that you've received a private message to the email address registered to your account as well as through the unread notification counter next to 'Messages', located under your username in the profile box (screenshot below).




When you've been notified that you've received a message, simply head to the 'Messages' section to read your message!


What important things do I need to know about sending and receiving a PM?

Only provide personal information to Optus staff. Stuff like your account number, email, phone numer and date of birth should only be provided to Optus when requested.


Don't ever share your account password, even to Optus.


And, don't forget - your messages are still governed by the same community guidelines and terms of use as the rest of the forum!

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