Optus fibre to the premises but still lagging... makes watching the matches a bit frustrating to say the least. Am i the only one?

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Don't think you are the only one there mate. 

I just signed up to watch the Egypt vs Uruguay match and trying to watch through my Apple TV.. 


Its unwatchable. Just hangs. And I have a FTTB connection. Surely we both can't be the only ones. 

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Am trying to watch the Egypt vs Uruguay match on the Optus mobile app and it keeps buffering after showing a few seconds of the game and the screen goes black. Go back to the home screen, reselect the game and the same thing happens. Doesn’t matter if you close the app completely and reopen it, always the same. Happened last night as well for the opening match. 

EXTREMELY FRUSTRATING! Especially since you’ve paid for a premium service.

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I’m having exactly the same problem as Clarky. Plays for 10-20 seconds and then goes to black screen after freezing.


This is unacceptable. Aren’t we going to be able to watch the World Cup???

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This is terrible, I've been using the Apple TV Optus App, what a load of rubbish, game plays for about 2 minutes then drops out, even watching via the web constant drop outs. Anybody from Optus going to give us any answers? Or just continue to take our money for poor service

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Absolutely Terrible connection... on FTTP (Fibre to the premises on 100mbps line) starting to regret my Optus subscription.

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Same problem here. So much for watching the World Cup!! What a joke! I watched all EPL season and no probs like this. It seems to only be from the feed from the actual game that lags/buffers. I even tried to watch the from the beginning but then moved to a few mins behind to stop the lag but that’s the same. All ads are ok, and the commentators feed is ok, and all other repeat vids on the Optus sport App work fine. Looks like they are having issues with their feed from the actual stadium but not disclosing maybe?

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What a s..t. Same here 2 min live then drop out. That is Optus the live broadcaster. Bha


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I'm trying to watch using AppleTV via a Telstra 50Mbs Cable connection and same issue.  It's not optus internet connect, but it's lack of bandwidth for Optus Sports!!!

What's going to happen for a really big game???



Re: Lag?

Petz is serving 404 errors and doesn't even load for me now. Looks like it's gone. I'm gone too, bed time!
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