useful modem guide

ice this will help for you modem settings generally friends you can do a reset when you get dropouts happen to wait 30 seconds after itis switched off, or you can resort to a hard factory reset.where it will go to the original state if it's failing it may mean your modem is faulty.then you got to contact Optus like I did to get a replacement - modem. do not change the settings of the modem if you don't know what you're doing, here's a tip. if your wifi signal is low it may be your on the same channel as somebody on Telstra or somebody else.swith to 5-hertz instead of the normal frequency on your wi-fi seeings on your phone. you can get an app on google play store wi-fi analyser - to see where your signal is out it should be above all the others.. you will get a stronger signal the closer you are to the modem, off course on 4g @ Optus network you will get faster wi-fi but data will cost you a lot ,you may need to get, around 10gigs a month to be able to do that. if your modem got antennas you can amplify your wi-fi system by placing two cans on the antennas, or even an egg beater
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