mobile not Not connecting to wifi


My Mobile phone is not picking up optus mobile Optus Huawei wifi anymore. does any one know how to fix this 


Re: mobile not Not connecting to wifi


What device are you referring too?


is it showing up in the list of wifi networks?


what mobile?


have you restarted this “Huawei device”? 


What about turning your your phone off, leaving it off for a minute and trying again?


have you forgotten the wifi network and then tried to rejoin the network? 

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Re: mobile not Not connecting to wifi


Mobile phone is Samsung J2Pro previously it was Iphone 4s (no longer used) neither are locating my mobile wifi - not showing in networks. It works on computer. I have restarted all devices(phone & Huawei mobile wifi) with no luck. I  haven't tried forgotten the wifi network and then tried to rejoin the network? Not sure how to do it if it isn't locating network. phone picks up all other networks though 

Re: mobile not Not connecting to wifi

Hi - a couple of suggestions 1. Turn Bluetooth OFF if it is ON - in case that is causing issues. The J2 appears only to support 2.4 Ghz Wi-Fi, so no possible conflict with any 5 GHZ Wi-Fi signals. 2. Check that you have Wi-Fi Direct OFF in case you used it for moving data from your old phone to the new phone. That setting works without a Wi-Fi Access point ( in your case the Huawei Wi-Fi) and if locked to Direct, you won't see the Huawei. 3. Your J2 Pro phone has Auto Wi-Fi Sensing when you come into pre -recognise Wi-Fi zone and will switch you from 4G/3G to Wi-Fi automatically - that will take a few moments to swing over. 4. If still no connection, I am assuming the Huawei SSID is being broadcast as it can be seen by other devices, when you log into the Huawei from your PC, write down information on the its Gateway IP address, SubNet mask and DNS Servers. When you look into the J2 Wi-Fi Settings - is it programmed for Auto IP address assignment from the Huawei DHCP Server. If still no auto connection to Huawei, can you manually enter all the IP information above and set yourself a fixed IP address for the phone so that it forces connection to Huawei after restart of Huawei and Phone. Hope this helps
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