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Wifi speed

In Mid Dec 2018, a Optus technician help sort out 10minths of complaints with my ADLS 2 speed issues. The issues started when I moved to my new place, approx 1.4 kms from the old. I live closer to the exchange, but the speeds are lower. There where days and weeks the speed fluctuated from 1.2 mb to a max of just over 4 mb. Today I get a constant 5.5 to 6 mb. In my home nothing has changed, now the speeds are back to pre Dec 2018.


how many people experience the same or similar issues?


You say why not mobile data? Well to make a call with 3bar -4 g strength I need to walk down the street, otherwise it is 3G no matter the device. Asking neighbors it is much the same unless you get Telstra cable. Not good if you are an Optus customer and do not wish to change from 1993. Yes a loyal customer. 


I am located approx 5km from the central of Sydney. Having said that the other carriers for mobile data are not much better. 


I love where I live but speeds out in the western suburbs where I lived previously , at the furthest point in the yard I would get 7mb inside upto 15mb. These figures are way below the rest of the world, but for what I use it was suitable. 

Looking on the web, today we are sitting at position 50 way behind many countries not considered to be power nations. 


When will Australians , no matter were they live be on an equal bases for technology? Maybe not waste money on sponsorship and invest in building a better and stronger service network. We all know the NBN is a fail based on technology and how long it has taken to role out. We are still waiting for the NBN. 





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Re: Wifi speed

A lot of issues there @S-tronic.


First up I'd wonder why you consider 'loyalty' to a corporate entity to have much virtue these days? Much of the focus of consumer protections has been on providing choice. Allowing customers to easily move to other providers in theory encourages companies to compete. Most companies now focus on attracting new customers with honey pot deals. Customers that stick around are by definition not needing any inducements and therefore get hit with the lazy (loyalty?) tax


FWIW one of the big wins of the NBN is creating this choice. Previously highspeed bandwidth was limited to inner city locations and only Optus or Telstra. Now any ISP can provide households with those speeds. 


You ask when we might get equal speeds around the nation. The NBN was originally designed with this in mind but as you say we know where that went. But I would suggest that its not a fail. For you personally you seem to have access to 100Mbps speeds but are simply choosing not to take up the option. If you are slated to get HFC NBN then I'd definitely consider getting Telstra HFC connected as that is the cable NBNCo will use to hook you up down the track.


FWIW the NBN was always going to take until around 2020. FTTP everywhere might have added a year or two but then again the FTTP had only just started hitting its stride back in ~2013 when the rug was pulled out from under it and the Liberal government went back to the drawing board for a couple of years. The FTTN and HFC approach was also much less time saving and cost effective and functional than they would have liked / promised. But we did get FTTC out of the delay which may get rolled out to many more FTTN households down the track (fingers crossed)



Peter Gillespie

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