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I have an Optus Cable Modem/Router (Netgear CG3000) and I want to get a Wifi range extender. Can I use any popular brand or does Optus recommend a particular brand?

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I have never read anything on the Optus website recommending range extenders. Probably best to do the Google research thing and pick a brand that has good support information. Netgear and Dlink seem to have some good products even if they are a touch on the expensive side.

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Get netgear wireless extender. I used one, so i don't have to do network wiring from backroom all the way to livingroom. From wireless extender i connect it directly to network 4 ports hub and then connect to tv or any wired/wireless devices.


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Heya! We can't recommend one particular extender, sorry! In saying that, I'm sure there's plenty of guru's on the forum who can help out Smiley Happy 

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Please refrain from such generic and useless comments, you are much better off in not replying at all, a tech company not being able to offer some advice in regards to making their services better is LAZY to say the least. Why dosen't your team do some reaserch and at least offer some basic advice on this challenge that effects most of your customers? - Poor effort!

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Hey @uandme, I understand the sentiment but as moderators we don't offer advice on non-Optus supplied products or services. Our super users can definitely help out with this enquiry such as @Yeldarb who has presented a number of viable options. If you've lurked a few of our threads you'll see that we do the research and offer advice where we can.


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