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WiFi Modem Parental Controls

In parental controls, I can restrict different devies for the normal Optus wifi band.  How do I restrict devices for the 5G band?

My kids can access wifi from the modem's 5G wifi signal as it seems to bypass parental controls.

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Re: WiFi Modem Parental Controls

as far as I know the parent control system on the sagem is limited. However, you should able to set the access time for individual devices. You would need to find out the IP and MAC addresses of the device(s) that you need to control. Go into the parental control section. Select the device and access time. 


Remember to change the modem's default password so the person can't go in and remove the settings. Also, this does not restrick anyone connecting directly to the modem via a wire. 




Get a better wifi router like the one from ASUS with more parental control options. This way you can separate the network. one open network for the parent and one restricted network for the kids. 


It is not fail safe and some tech savy kids will find ways to bypass it. Good old fashion parent to kid talk would also be recommended. 


Good luck

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