What the hell is going on with Optus at the moment?


So my VOIP has been down for days now and we've been trying to contact Optus to get it resolved, however this has actually become an impossibility.

Messaging them on Facebook yields no answer or a stock response.
Calls are yielding hours in wait times to their broadband and NBN departments.
Worst of all, the web chat website to contact them online has broken hyperlinks. You actually can't click on anything to contact them online.
How in the hell are they getting away with something like this? The second largest telco in this country and it's ny impossible to speak to anyone.

Re: What the hell is going on with Optus at the moment?


Hey @jaisonpaul - disappointing that you've found it near impossible to get in touch with us. Can appreciate this must be extremely frustrating given you're trying to resolve your issue. 


Can you please provide me with your postcode and suburb via private message? I'll rule out any network issues & then we'll go through some troubleshooting. 

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