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Using WiFi temporarily and want to go unnoticed

Hi, my neighbor has allowed me to use is WiFi as long as I only connect one device. At first he didn't say just one he just gave me the password and then I had connected my phone, my girlfriend's phone, my PS4, and my laptop. So he seen in his internet provider setting that I had all these devices connected and was unhappy. It took me a couple weeks to talk him into giving me the new password again but he said to only connect one device. Well I been only using my phone but I was wondering, if I select forget network on my phone, does my device disappear from the list of connected devices? I want to update my PS4 real quick and then disconnect it but I don't want him complaining. He has at&t internet and it's only $10 a month for him cuz he is on food stamps and they offer them a deal. I just want to know if I can take myself off the list after connecting. Thanks to anyone with help I couldn't find a similar question anywhere on the internet.

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Online Community Manager

Re: Using WiFi temporarily and want to go unnoticed

AT&T internet, food stamps and a neighbour who lets you use your WiFi... you surely can't be an Aussie! Smiley Happy

Selecting Forget Network should disconnect you from the WiFi (assuming it works the same over there) which would remove the connected device at the time from the list of connected devices. If he happens to be checking his settings at the time you connect your PS4, I wouldn't be expecting access to the new password again. 

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