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Temp password


How do you change a temporary password on my email.


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Hi @SJP, go to click on My internet Account and sign in. 

On this page you will be able to replace your temporary password with the one of your choice.

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I received my temp password 2 days ago. I can login to my modem adsl2+ with that password. To change the temporary password I followed the instructions sent by your service desk which is same as what you posted. As soon as I login I get following message and the system automatically logs me off. I tried in different browser. Cleared cache and cookies and even tried it from my friends house. No luck help pls. Following is the message after login. It stays for 5 seconds that way and I get logged off.


We apologise for the interruption. Please try again later.


after 5 seconds then it shows 


please as be patient while we log you out of the following Optus websites 

Optus Member Services 

You have successfully logged out


I tried this multiple times with multiple browsers and different pc  and devices with lot of patience 

Re: Temp password


Hey @Ppr, are you able to change your webmail password via My Account?


My Account uses a separate login to display your services. If you select your internet service and go to Settings > Manage My Optus Email Account, you should be able to change the password here instead.

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Re: Temp password


Hi @Toomey, there’s no settings available. I can share the screenshot if you want to take a look. 



Re: Temp password


You're welcome to do that @Ppr.


What type of Internet product is the email address attached to i.e. NBN, ADSL or Cable? 


Depending on the product type, certain functionality may not be available in My Account.




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