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Sagecomm Modem Any Good?

Hi All, have just swapped from Telstra to Optus and have found that our internet/wifi quality has dropped dramatically. We have the optus supplied dual band modem to which I have an apple airport extreme connected, I them have 2 Airpot express units around the house, the one downstairs is hard wired back to the optus modem. When everything works it is fine I get speeds of 45-48mbps, however the devices that rely on wifi work great one minute then hang the next with no connection! I notice on the Optus modem that the internet light is constantly flickering it is not solid like the Telstra modem was, I also notice that when checking the network on my Ipad using the Airport app that the internet is constantly changeing from green to yellow every 1 to 2 seconds.

Telstra connectivity was great but this is frustrating. Do I need a better modem? Sorry to be long winded.


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Re: Sagecomm Modem Any Good?

Optus NBN modems have the worst wifi. You should try to use the Telstra one, if it's the same system. I assume you are on NBN. After you have used the Optus modem, their system I think allows you to use the old modem.


But there are a list of approved NBN modems, with and without voice.


Sometimes big houses need expensive solutions

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