PS4 wireless remote play no longer working with NBN router.


We recently had the NBN connected and since using the NBN router the PS4 can no longer remote play the over the network, it will only find it over the internet instead. Have tested reconnecting the network cable direct from the PS4 to the router and it connects the remote play instantly however this is not ideal as the cable is running from the top floor to the bottom down the stairs and we have small children. Also cannot cast to the TV any more either. Is there a setting in the router or something to do with the PS4s wireless connection to the router that is preventing the remote play program from allowing the pc to connect directly to the PS4? Am hoping its a simple something I am missing.

Any help would be much appreciated.

Re: PS4 wireless remote play no longer working with NBN router.


Thanks for reaching out, @MissMel79. In previous situations like the you're in, we've advised to connect your ethernet cable directly into your modem, and then complete an auto connection from the console. With that said, I can appreciate that running cables with children in the house is far from ideal, but this appears to be the best solution. If you have any other questions, feel free to reach out.


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