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Overcharged EVERY MONTH ($60 Cable M2M)

Hi All,


I'm at the end of my rope with Optus, and am wondering if anyone has had issues with being (a) overcharged monthly on their bills, or (b) scammed by the supposed $60/month internet plan specifically.


I pay my bill every month on time. Despite this, since I signed up 7 months ago, I have been overcharged every single month. While I was promised unlimited $60/month internet, I am charged around $77 per month with 'account fees'.  When i call, I am told that this is justified with various ridiculous 'add-on's that i never ordered or agreed to pay for, and which are notably absent from my contract.


After my first month was paid, Optus did not send me a bill for two months. Then, they finally sent one GIANT bill that was well over $200, and justified this with a 'data add-on'. Funny - I didn't realize it was even possible to charge an unlimited internet plan with a $90 'data add-on'?


I spend at least an hour on the phone or in chat EVERY SINGLE MONTH trying to rectify these repeated overcharges. And then, despite paying whatever amount we settle on, I continue receive repeated letters harrassing me to pay 'overdue fees' and threatening me with the loss of my internet if i don't pay immediately--they come like clockwork every month.  


This is SUPPOSED to be a $60/month unlimited data/homephone contract. I should, in theory, be able to expect Optus to direct debit me $60 per month, rather than having to deal with their harrasment and incompetence, and waste my time fixing THEIR billing issues. However, there is no way I will EVER give Optus direct debit because they are completely untrustworthy, and i know they will just take out ridiculous 'add-on' fines from my account without my permission.  Funny, if you allow them to direct debit your bank account with whatever they decide to charge on a whim each month, you won't be FINED $2 per month. I think somebody needs to raise this issue with the ombudsman - a $2 fine for paying on-time via BPay seems ridiculous. 


If this continues I'm going straight to the ombudsman -- I'm sure i can't be alone in this?



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Re: Overcharged EVERY MONTH ($60 Cable M2M)

Hey @Erad, thanks for raising this with us and I'm sorry to hear you have not been able to get assistance previously. We'll need to take a closer look at your invoices to see what's happening here. Please feel free to send me a private message with the below information so I can check this for you.

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