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No internet

Can't use Internet for so many days, don't know what's going on!

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Re: No internet

Neither do we because you've provided very little information.


Have you checked for an outage? -

Have you contacted the faults team?

Have you performed any troubleshooting yourself?

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Re: No internet

My internet and wi fi hasnt worked since monday. I have troubleshooted on my computer i have turned off modem and also reset it nothing works


When my computer starts the internet icon has a yellow triangle and question mark.when i open it a window opensvwith available ei fi connections mine is listed and says its connected however when i open ie or chrome it days no internet connection ..i have contacted optus to see if they restricted my account as i asked and was guven a payment extension the lady assured me they havent so today i phone the number she gave me for support.a guy called Wilson spent two hours instructing me to try new passwords he gave me..he got me to reset modem...all the lights are on as usual. He did say there were restrictions on it and he didnt know why and took them offbut its still not working.i can t get the wi fi on my laptop or mobile either..which makes me think its something optus has done and not my eqipment..i went to my daughters today and i could access her wi fi no problem on my phone


In the end wilson gave up on me and told me to buy a new rude given its working..what and gow can i get internet please help




Re: No internet

Hey Crisssy - very sorry for the delayed reply to your post, we've been flat out and are getting back to everyone as quickly as we can. If you're still needing a hand, please contact our Tech Support crew on 13 13 44. 

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Re: No internet

No internet, no service but the bills keep coming in.


I should charge optus for the days that I have stayed home waiting for a technician to come but didn't.  For the hours I have spent on the phone pressing buttons and listening to people promise to help me - promise to remove my bill for the period that I've been without internet - but still the Bills comes.


Then I try to call about it (after hours because I work and connot spare an hour to contact optus) they are not available.


The service is crap, the customer service is non-existant.  so disappointed and annoyed