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Okay so i need to ask a couple of questions, I have 2 F@ST 3864OP Routers here from when we were with you, one i use to extend the home network, but id like to use the second as a bridge i know the router has multiple accounts of access, the second admin account has access to all the main features of the router but ofcoure the new firmware doesnt let me access the account i dont want to break the router or do anything to go against your TOS, but im asking for support on this i really need access to the second admin account, We are no longer with you guys so its not like the router could hurt you. Please if you know anything let me know

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Thanks for getting in touch @Mat02. In the case of modems, they're included with any contract, either free or an up front cost, so It's your hardware, changing the settings of the modem wouldn't breach any TOS. Even in the case of an Optus customer, advanced features or set ups aren't within our support boundaries, so not something we can help with sorry.



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Thanks for your reply ive already gone ahead and contacted Sagemcome

Thank you

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