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I’m having an issue with the newly installed NBN in that various devices often experience drop-outs or buffering.  I have a Smart TV that runs on the wi-fi (it is not connected to the router via a cable) and it works perfectly. We can watch Netflix, YouTube etc with no drop outs or buffering. 


However we are experiencing drop-outs and buffering with our iPads and iPhones, though not all the time. 3 devices can be working perfectly and 1 or 2 can be experiencing problems. Forgetting the wi-fi network or rebooting the modem sometimes helps, but that is usually temporary. The router, tv, iPad can be in the same room and we still have the issue. 


We are connected to the wi-fi option that has 5GHz on the end of the address which has been an improvement on the same address without this, but we are still having issues. 


Any my thoughts will be appreciated. I’m struggling with why the Smart TV has no issues but the iPads and iPhones sometimes do. 

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The devices that come with the service (being the S@GEM) aren't the greatest for strong WiFi signal. And WiFi has so many variables it's not possible to predict what might happen. Especially if you've got a bigger home, double brick etc etc etc.


You also need to remember, when you've got bigger devices streaming, it becomes harder for others to stream too. Especially more so, if there are other WiFi networks around you on similar settings which cause interference (and then the symptoms you describe).

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That is a little strange. As mentioned the standard Optus provided router can be a bit iffy when it comes to wifi. Its possible its not working well with more units than two or so. Perhaps run some test to see if the issue is bandwidth or the wifi?


1) Turn of the TV and see if the Apple stuff  always works ok

2) Do any two work fine together?


You can also create two seperate wifi streams. One on the 5Ghz level and the other on the 2.4Ghz channel. You can set different devices to use each one. The TV might be fine on the 2.4Ghz level and that leaves the Apple stuff on the 5Ghz level (or visa versa)


Another option might be to get (borrow?) another modem with wifi. You can turn off the Optus modem wifi and  use the other one that might (should) do much better). Simple plug and play options might be a google wifi unit, you can buy more than one to create a mesh wifi network right around the house etc.


Peter Gillespie


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Thanks for the responses to date.  I haven't followed up with Optus support so will do that.


One of my kids was having iPad issues yesterday (the other wasn't) so I rebooted the router and she was fine the rest of the day - as per previous experience though this will be a temporary fix.


I'll monitor things with the TV turned off.  We watch TV via foxtel and we have a satellite dish so I'm assuming that shouldn't interfere with the wifi.  Our issues seem to be just as prevalent when the Smart TV is streaming nextflix etc to when it is just on the foxtel channels.


I'll worth through the tests Peter has suggested and see where I get to.  

Re: NBN and Wi-Fi


You also need to remember, when you've got bigger devices streaming, it becomes harder for others to stream too.

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