Modem F@ST3864V3AC now V3HP


We have Sagecom V3AC currently and out of the blue we have received a “new” modem V3HP. I have tried looking for this modem online but cannot find it listed anywhere. Any suggestions??  Thanks. We have had ongoing problems with Optus and our case with the Ombudsman has now been closed as our service appears to have improved. Before I query with Optus I was hoping someone on here may be able to help. 

Re: Modem F@ST3864V3AC now V3HP


Sounds like a residule result of the complaints process. Optus often sends out a new modem when they can't resolve issues remotely. The 'HP' is a bit strange as 'AC' refers to the wifi protocol the modem uses. 'HP' is meaningless in that respect. If you  are happy with the old modem I'd suggest just ignore the new one. Its unlikely to have any huge differences in capabilities.


Only other thought is if the NBN is coming soon to your area? Or are you already on it?


Peter Gillespie

Re: Modem F@ST3864V3AC now V3HP


Hi Peter.  We're already on NBN - since around April last year, and our problems began around July/August last year.  Seems to have settled down now. We still have occasional dropouts but we were told by the Ombudsman that 5-6 dropouts per day is acceptable.  Checked our Optus account and the order is definitely there but as a FTTB/N and we are FTTN unless something has happened in our area and we haven't been advised?

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