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Hello Yes Crowd,


I was hoping someone would be able to clear something up for me please.


I purchased a Mobile Broadband device 2 days ago to use during the NBN activation (currently 1 1/2 months with no internet and 4 failed technician appointments), and I've just check the usage in Jarvis, and 27GB has gone to "Preconnect". 


I've read a few other posts about it, and I can see that it was the old APN, however I'm still confused how it ate 27GB in two days with only one phone connected for around six hours. 


Happy to supply any additional info needed,

Thanks in advance!



Re: Mobile Broadband Prepaid - Preconnect


PreConnect is the prepaid APN but it might be universal in a way. 


Your phone may have done an iCloud/Google backup which has triggered the excessive usage.

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