Laptop keepos dropping out of wifi


My wi fi keeps dropping out of wi fi and won't recognise password - seems like Optus wi fi security just blocks. Last time had to to reboot  wi fi and upset other family members who all had toreset their devices. It has only happened since we changed to Optus - never had this issue with Telstra. We have 4 laptops in house.

Re: Laptop keepos dropping out of wifi


Okay, you shouldn't have to "reboot" other devices to get them to reconnect to the WiFi after you restarted the router. This sounds more like something on your devices is causing the issue.


Have you factory reset the Optus router and set it up again to make sure its not something you've set incorrectly? If after this you are still having "drop outs", there are a few things you must consider...


* Is it a big house and you are far away from the WiFi network? 

* Is your laptop faulty? 


If you think none of this applies, contact Optus via phone and ask them to replace the router if its within its warranty period.

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