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New Contributor Drewy-j
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How to connect AC800s to an ethernet device

Hi, I have a AC800s that I want to use with my Sonos sound system but the problem is that the Sonos needs an ethernet cable. What is the easiest way to connect the devices (when the AC800s has no ethernet out)? For example, any recommendations on a cheap bridge device with an ethernet out that could connect to the AC800s' wifi signal? Thanks Drew
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Re: How to connect AC800s to an ethernet device

Not really many "cheap" options.


Could purchase a netgear DC112A dock, prices range 60-300 dollars e. G. Second hand to new.


You could look into a wifi to ethernet bridge, many of those out there (used to plug in game consoles etc when they have no wifi on the device)

This would be your cheapest option. 

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Re: How to connect AC800s to an ethernet device

What is your budget for this project? 


Like @Paddylee there are few options I brought the dock used for $80 with the modem. Wireless bridge around the same price . If the modem is always at home then you can get a fix 4g modem like the , got one used for around $70.

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