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New Contributor German
New Contributor

Home wifi not working

Hi kind one.

I desperately need help.

The home WI FI is at fault for more than 10 days now.

I had to telephone many times for assistance to no avail. The last time I spend 50mins on the phone and had to forfeit lunch.

I have just sign this Wi Fi contract for 2 years on the 23-10-18. I would appreciate if anyone could tell me whether there is a penalty applied if I cancel this contract with Optus since the service is unreliable.


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Online Community Manager
Online Community Manager

Re: Home wifi not working

Hi there,

We need to understand the situation a little better to be able to try and help.
Not great to hear you've had to contact Optus so many times, however what has been the outcome? 

What troubleshooting have you done?
Has a fault been confirmed? Was a technician appointment required and booked?

Generally speaking if you just unfortunately decided to cancel the service, a contract cancellation fee would automatically be billed.

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