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Hello. I have a broad band internet & Ipad 5th gen bundle through Optus. 

But my fetch ttv box won't connect to my iPads wifi connection????? 

Re: Home Broad band & Fetch to Box


Hi, I don't think that Fetch TV will talk to your iPad.   


- If you are trying to connect to wifi, then your ipad needs a modem to link to

- If you are trying to stream from your ipad, you'll need an Apple TV or similar


Let me know what you are trying to do & will give you some options.



Re: Home Broad band & Fetch to Box


Hi, trying to use my ipad as a internet source for my fetch tv modem that's connected to my tv.

does that make sense??? 

I have a postpaid broadband that comes with my iPad. 

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Ok, understand what you are trying to do.  


The Fetch TV box is designed to use an ethernet cable for its broadband feed, so needs a modem, not the ipad


One alternative is to use the Fetch TV app for Ipad and an Apple TV connect to your TV via mirroring.  We do this for content not available on Fetch TV.   


Hope this is useful.

Re: Home Broad band & Fetch to Box




You're unable to use your iPad as a personal WiFi hot spot to connect your Fetch set top box to the internet. Fetch is intended for use on a fixed broadband network. That's our ADSL, NBN, or HFC network. If it was something that we'd configured, I'd still highly recommend against it. Apps like Netflix, Stan or any other type of video on demand service use a significant amount of data.


Do you know which generation of Fetch you're using? Is it our Fetch Mighty set top box (gen 3)?If so,  you'd be able to connect to your home Wi-Fi network.

If you're using an older generation of Fetch, you'd need to connect the set top box directly to your modem/router. You can also purchase powerline adapters if your modem is located in a faraway room and you'd prefer not have an extra long Ethernet cable running through the home.


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