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Feeling Robbed!


I have a HUAWEI and I registered it and put money on it a month ago. Then, it seems credit ran out. I just went to put credit on it. It was so confusing. I selected $30... not understanding that it was an automated recharge EVERY 10 DAYS!!! 

Even if OPTUS does take $30 out of my account every 10 Days (which I cannot afford and do not want) the first $30 recharge has NOT activated my HUAWEI wifi connection. I STILL HAVE NO WIFI! 

Money ($AUS 30) was taken out of my account---but FOR WHAT exactly? 





Re: Feeling Robbed!


I suggest you take the time to understand these deals. You seem to have selected AutoRecharge and handed over your banking details? AutoRecharge can be triggered by you using all your data or on a set time interval (your choice). You seem to have chosen low data? 


FWIW The minimum duration for a standard $30 prepaid plan is 28 days. 


Peter Gillespie


Re: Feeling Robbed!


Hi Albikaadi,

I just saw your other post, this one explains the issue you're having a little better.

What Peter advised sounds like the situation, however we’re unable to look into account details on Yes Crowd to confirm.

Please Chat with us for assistance.

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