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Hi, I have an Optus AC800s Hotspot modem.

As you are aware, the modem is great for on the go but has limited range in buildings.

I want to be able to use my modem on the road and in my residence which is a single floored house. The modem tends to lose range at about 20 feet/6 metres. I have heard the the Netgear Cradle AC112a will help extend the modems range. I do have a Netgear extender but find that whilst the range is better, there is a loss in connecton speed. I do not want to rush into a cradle. I want the best affordable option which is why I want to tap into the expertise of the Yes Crowd. Can you please advise. My budget is moderate!

With thanks

Re: Extending Modem Range/Coverage


I'm not sure you have many options. From what I can see the 800S has no ethernet ports so you can't plug in another cheap WiFi router (my immeadiate thought). Range extenders generally work by halving the bandwidth so you'll experience that in general IME.


The $225 cradle will defrinitely extend the range but by how much is a big unknown. Also its a bit of expensive junk when you decide to change the modem.


Hopefully others have some better suggestions


Peter Gillespie

Re: Extending Modem Range/Coverage



Have a look at this previous thread which may be of help:



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Re: Extending Modem Range/Coverage


Is the antenna option no good and I'm not sure if that model has variable power settings like some of the older versions?



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