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I'm seeking help for a short term solution, to extend wifi to our garage. We're hoping to set up an extra TV in the garage to watch the World Cup Soccer. on Fetch TV. The wifi from the house doesn't reach the garage, which is about 40 m from the house. I understand that I will have to get a Fetch Mini to connect to the TV. But, how can I get the wifi from inside to reach the garage?

Re: Extend wifi to garage


Simplest suggestion is just buy 50m of cat6 cable and run it from your house to the garage. Plug one end into the existing modem and the other into the fetch tv. You can shop around for cheaper but Bunnings for $80 is a good bet. See here


At that length probably best to ensure cat6 cable and not cat5.


Peter Gillespie

Re: Extend wifi to garage


Try a wiFi extender like the TP link. I personally use Plug in sender at your router end and it sends the signal through your electricity cables to the socket you plug yhe receiver into. The receiving end is either Ethernet or wifi.

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