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New Contributor Melbgal
New Contributor

Email issues on mobile data on iPhone


In late November my non-optus email addresses that were all working previously on my phone stopped working on mobile data. I have some addresses that do not use optus outgoing servers. These will send/receive fine on wireless but will not send/receive on 4G. I have some addresses that do use the optus outgoing servers. These will receive on wireless (but now not 4G) but I can't send on 4g (they don't allow relaying so never used to send on Wifi)

I am using the native mail app on an iPhone 11. Operating system has been updated several times since this started so I don't think it's that. The accounts are all working on webmail and on my computers. Mailboxes are not full. I have tried deleting the accounts and setting up again manually per your troubleshooting guides. I have tried deleting the profiles and downloading the profiles again for the accounts for which my ISP provides an ISP profile. I don't use a VPN. An IP test of my phone says it's on the Singtel Optus network. 

There was an issue with this phone which was new being not correctly linked to my account due to a computer glitch but that was fixed in November. 

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Online Community Manager
Online Community Manager

Re: Email issues on mobile data on iPhone

Hi there Melbgal,

An unusual situation. You've tried pretty much all the basic troubleshooting there is to think of.

Have you tried setting your network to be 3G Only to see if that works?

Have you tried using another phone?

If neither of the above solves the problem, the suggested next step would be to log a fault.

Let us know how you go.

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