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Dual modems on 2 LANs with 2 providers. How to integrate the 2 buildings via WiFi.

I have recently had an aerial modem installed linked to Optus when my previous provider's aerial was removed during re-roofing. The new aerial modem is working very well.

This is working through a wireless router using a subnet 10.0.x.x.

The old aerial and modem has been mounted on another building and the wireless router will have a subnet 192.168.x.x.

Currently the buildings are linked with a slow pair of linksys wireless access points and new Ubiquiti UniFi AC MESH APs.

How should I get the the 2 LANs with 2 different WAN internet providers and modems on each LAN to work together?

And how can I change between providers’ modems eg when Optus is running at less than 1 Mbps rather than the usual 50Mbps?

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Re: Dual modems on 2 LANs with 2 providers. How to integrate the 2 buildings via WiFi.

Hi @drpaw, we'd be unable to advise of using a service with two providers.

When you're just using the Optus service with the Optus supplied equipment, is it working fine? If not, and you're having issues with your Optus service, please try out our My Optus Service Is Not Working: Troubleshooting Index support page.

If you're needing additional help with your Optus connection speed, please message us in the My Optus app and our team will assist as soon as they can.

Hopefully some other users on Yes Crowd will be able to provide you with some further details on what you're after as well.

----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I’m part of the Yes Crowd team, employed by Optus to help run our online community.

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Re: Dual modems on 2 LANs with 2 providers. How to integrate the 2 buildings via WiFi.

You're talking about LAN and WAN aggregation.

There's also fall over redundancy but that can be a problem when both networks is actually still working (even at only 1 Mbps)

If you are getting a 1Mbps system then that would suggest a more fundamental issue to fix?

You can set up WAN aggregation (although the combined through put will be less than the sum of its parts. The probably I suspect is that you probably need to connect the two modems via cable.

Perhaps ask this question on whirlpool (much more techy geeks that know this stuff better)