Deleted Comments re Announcement


Hi Optus,


Re your announcement to withdraw Wo-Fi Talk:


Any reason why you have deleted all the comments and marked the article so no new comments can be left?


Surely your user base are allowed to express their dissatisfaction at the announcement, with only 6 days notice, stating we must buy a new, compatible, Optus-supplied handset if we want to use the "replacement" VoWifi / Wi-Fi calling?


According to my email notifications, @Dan_C even replied at 15:46 before the comments were shut down. Sadly I can't read it because it has been deleted.


So come on Optus, your network is patchy enough that you need a fall-back in place. Either fix the network or give us an alternative for when it's not up to scratch.

Re: Deleted Comments re Announcement


Shuts down 28th September - so 1 month 6 days notice.


I did see a reply/replies when I checked earlier this morning as I received a SMS saying it was to be no longer supported.

So not sure why its sitting under "Blog" and locked for comments as its really an announcement that will impact many people.

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Re: Deleted Comments re Announcement


Yes, you're right re the switch-off date. 1 month and 6 days notice.


Still not much time to organise an alternative though.

Hopefully Optus will come up with a way to provision more Android phones, instead of just locking and/or deleting threads.

Re: Deleted Comments re Announcement


Yes I agree- who deleted all the messages?


Why cant optus at least tell us why wifi talk is discontinued?


And now there is no way prepaid can now get calls in a dead zone

- and there are lots of those!!

even in woolworths!

Re: Deleted Comments re Announcement


I was also wondering why all the comments have been deleted. 

I was hoping someone may have posted a solution of how to receive calls etc when you live  in a black zone with near to zero mobile coverage and wifi calling hit and miss.

Re: Deleted Comments re Announcement


Hey guys, the blog was never meant to have comments enabled (hence they've been deleted and the ability to comment removed).

We're still happy to have an open conversation, but it'll need to be right here on the forum. 

All comments on the blog have been fed-back to product. We're waiting on a response back.

I do believe there should be an adequate alternative (for those without access to WiFi calling). Hopefully we'll have something for you guys. 


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Re: Deleted Comments re Announcement


@Dan_C can you please pass on the request that at a minimum any flagship phone not in the supported phone list should be able to be provisioned to use native VoLTE/VoWiFi at the user's request, but if they have issues you can't offer support (some sort of disclaimer somewhere). This would solve most of the hate if you just gave people the option to try it. The WiFi Talk app doesn't work with Android 8.1 and up anyway, so what have you got to lose? 

I also really don't want to port to Telstra to use my Pixel 2 XL, but it really feels like Optus are shoving me out the door after 20 years...

Re: Deleted Comments re Announcement


Hey @M0F0,


Thanks for your feedback we'll certainly pass it on.


That's certainly not the case as we have made internal system changes we're unable to support this further.


Certainly if there are any updates on this as @Dan_C mentioned we will let you know about it. 

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Re: Deleted Comments re Announcement


I suspect that VoLTE/VoWifi can't just be "switched on" for Android devices because the settings are buried deep in the 4G modem software in Android's system. Not sure if they can be altered easily without involving the vendors.


However, it would be nice if there was a method. Apple have found a way to enable it without issuing network-specific firmware. It seems like a serious deficiency in Android, one that needs to be addressed by Google. Hopefully a consortium of telcos can push the case, because individuals have no chance.


In the meantime, the onus is on Optus to provide a reasonable alternative, or preferably to fix their network so we don't need to rely on VoWifi.


@Dan_C - you were going to contact me to discuss. I sent you a lengthy reply describing my situation. Any thoughts?


Re: Deleted Comments re Announcement


@Garth2079 it needs to be provisioned on Optus's end to work. Most new phones will show the relevant settings automatically depending on the network they're connected to.

E.g. If I take the Optus SIM out of my Pixel 2 XL the settings for VoLTE and VoWiFi reappear. I can toggle them on fine, but as soon as I put my Optus SIM back in and it connects to their network the settings disappear because the phone is being told it isn't allowed to use the functions from the network itself.

The same goes for an international version of an Android phone Optus sell (e.g. A Galaxy S8). It needs the Optus firmware to be allowed to use the native Wi-Fi calling settings on their network. The settings are always there though. 

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