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Changing WiFi name and password on Sagemcom 5366 TN

New modem sagemcom 5366 tn and I want to setup my own wifi name and password

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Online Community Manager

Re: wifi setup

Good question 🙂 Give the steps below a shot: 

1) From your PC, open a web browser,  enter into the address bar 

2) In the Login box, complete the following fields:

  • User: optus
  • Password: Should be the default password (located at the bottom of the modem) 

3) Click the Settings button on the top right hand corner of the WiFi Network you'd like to modify (2.4GHz or 5GHz

4) Enter the new Network name (SSID)  & password (WiFI key) in the fields next to Password and SSID

5) Click Apply


The Gateway (GUI) will appear as the below: 



Sagemcom 5366 TN GUI

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